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  • JakFringe is a wonderful five days of entertainment and enlightenment. Experience for yourselves the creative energy of Indonesia!
  • I'm particularly proud of the fact that we are now supporting Indonesian arts through the Jakarta International Fringe Festival.
  • JakFringe is a magnet for Indonesians and tourists alike in the years ahead and a celebration of the richness of the performing arts in Indonesia.
  • JakFringe is an innovative digital platform to bridge and connect all the major performing and visual arts communities across the archipelago.
  • JakFringe provides an opportunity for artists, musicians, street performers and others, both self-taught and formally educated through cultural centers and studios, to showcase their talent while building an awareness of the nation's traditions and culture.
  • JakFringe is a breakthrough art festival that incorporates multiple aspects of art and presented to the public with creative and unique means, and we're thrilled to be part of it. We hope JakFringe will become the new attractive magnet for tourism in Indonesia.
  • Being part of a 'first' event is always exciting, but when it is a 'world first'…now that's something really special. JakFringe is the World's First Digital Fringe Festival.
  • We are very proud to be part of Jakarta's Fringe Festival, and we hope to make it an Artful Event for everyone to enjoy!